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Printer technology has improved in recent years, printers may be frustrating for those who use them, some models may run quickly through ink, but others can’t maintain a high quality output. Other problem is slow print speed and paper jams or you may face this conundrum, your printer may refuse to print, most of the times it happens that printer problem may be resolved if they access printer support.
All the printer manufactures offer printer support the first step for resolving problem is to identify which company manufactures your printer. If you have any problem related to canon support then go through this site

Canon is a giant in imaging an optical products, manufacturing products like cameras and camcorders, canon labs are responsible for the quality of printers. Its continuously drive for the best quality of printer image that has led to the natural progression into the best quality manufacturing products.

By using bubble Jet technology Canon was the world's first manufacturing of the inkjet printer. Bubble jet technology has completely revolutionised the consumer segments of the printer printing and continues to the innovator with new technology like Microfine droplet technology for inkjet printers.
  Canon PIXMA inkjet line with most popular products
  1. PIXMA photo all in one printer 
  1. PIXMA photo inkjet printer 
  1. PIXMA pro professional inkjet printer 
  1. PIXMA office all in one 
Canon laser beam printer technology was behind the print engine that is found in the leading laser printing printer in the industry. First HP laser printer, apple laser printer, all used laser beam engine of the canon.
Home office laser printer and canon consumer line is image CLASS and it is enterprise products line is might be image runner. We are great in resolving any technical issue of the cannon printers.  You don’t need to carry printer anywhere, you have screen sharing log in computer for an instant fix. You may call technician any time regarding your problem for the solutions.
Installation and set up
  1. Install your printer 
  1. Install your drive 
  1. Install windows printer drivers 
  1. Set up your printer to work with new machines 
  1. Now install TCP or IP printer  
  1. Now configure your network printer for your pc 
  1. Configure the multiple capabilities of the printer, scanner etc. 
  1. Wireless set up of network and maintenance. 
Issue related to the driver and software
  1. Update your driver 
  1. Updated latest software 
  1. Resolving driver compatibility issues 
  1. Upgrade the firmware for the printer 
  1. Update drivers for operating system 
For more information contact our Canon Tech Support.
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Dell Laptop Buying Tips For Students

When students enter a school or college, it’s like refusing to use of pen and paper without decent laptops. How far students can go, how much they can learn and how many lifetime abilities they can acquire it all depends on which brand of laptop devices are carried out by the students. Don’t consider laptops which are on sale, but you need the right laptop for your necessary needs and your all specific need will only be fulfilled by DELL laptops. 

You are a student or you are shopping on behalf of a student, I will give you some tips that will make you able to understand the key features of modern DELL laptops that will enhance your learning skills in the future.
       Always pick a portable size- 
Buying a student laptop is that you can carry the devices to your lectures or class and the DELL gives you all the options for that. If you are an engineering student or CAD workstation, look for a laptop that weights under 4 pounds and carries an 11 to 14-inch display. For editing the masterpieces for film students, it also needs a larger screen which is all carried by this DELL device. Laptops with 13 inches are the sweet and best spot between usability and portability.
       Prefer to pay for durability 
If you want to spend more, you can buy Dell laptop which is made from aluminum, aluminum alloy or carbon fiber for which you can count on. For Dell laptops, the manufacturer has also made durability claims and this is the best claiming option for students if they found any kind of problems in their laptops later. It also contains a big plus which is a resistant keyboard.
        Specs for the long haul 
Before completing graduation, if you don’t want something that is not going to be obsolete, you need to give a keen look on the internal components.
  Display- instead of taking with screen sizes 1366*768 displays, you should prefer for 1920* 1080 displays with an 11-inch screen should be a priority.
  CPU- if you want a laptop that provides solid performance forever, go to get Core i5 or i7 CPU. Also, make sure that it has a 7000 in it which means that you have the latest version of Intel 7th generation chip.
  RAM- 4GB is the minimum amount of RAM you should have in your laptop and 8 GB is the best and ideal option. And the Del laptops contains all of these features. Model-by-by it differs.
  WI-FI- also make sure you get a laptop with 802.11 ac Wi-Fi standard option, instead of the older 802.11 n.
  PORTS- Regular USB Type-A ports ate the present but USB Port-C Ports are the future, if you get a laptop with both of the mixed features, it will be an ideal. Try to get a Dell laptop with multiple USB ports so that you don’t have a need to carry a lot of dongles with you.

If you are already the user for Dell laptops, and facing any kind of problems, kindly visit this site for getting an instant support- or contact Dell at Dell Customer Care Number
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Norton Support image
How to fix common problems with Norton antivirus?
Every software has some advantages and disadvantages, only need is that we would understand them. The same is with Norton antivirus, as it provides additional product support with only one click access from the Norton product main window. It scans your computer system very quickly and fixes the problems without our intervention. You can also go the website Norton support if the problem persists so that you can use the open support web site.
This article will help in resolving your almost all the technical problems. The problem and their solution are described here following-
Problem 1- If there is an issue with the live update?
Solution- check your system’s date and time at the bottom of the screen in the right corner. Change today's date and then run the LiveUpdate and restart the computer. 13th tool is very good updater which runs the tool, restarts the computer. Your issues will be fixed.
Problem 2- There is a problem with error message3039,1?
- if there is a security issue, probably this problem occurs. To fix it, open Norton 360,2010 and click settings. Now turn on sonar protection and load it. Run LiveUpdate and scan the full system. Now finally restart the computer and check still the problem persists. If so, contact Norton help center.
Problem 3- There is a problem with error message 8504,4?
- if there are conflicts with other applications or your Norton file is not installed properly, in that case, it arises. Remove Norton tool and restart the computer again run Norton removal tool and then again restart the computer. Download Norton trial or reinstall Norton with cd and activate the Norton using the product key you have been provided. You issues will be fixed.
Problem 4- Cannot start your Norton product?
- first of all, restart the computer and exit all the programs. You can also do is that if you have already installed the Norton family, first uninstall it before you run the Norton remove and again reinstall their tools.
         Download Norton remove and reinstall the tools.
         Press ctrl+j key to open the downloads window in your web browser.
         Now double click the icon which is NRnR.
         After reading the license agreement, click agree.
         Now click remove and reinstall. Here you will see the remove button if Norton product is from your service provider.
         Click continues.
         Now click restart. It will definitely work out.

If you are still having problems with this software in your device and wand more kind of support, you can visit for further help.